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Avatar new2torah | March 24, 2021

I recently visited the Answers in Genesis Ark Encounter and discovered what I thought I would discover. A Huge Error! But to be fair, most people, books, and movies make the same error. And the reason this error is so prevalent is because to brings to light an uncomfortable truth of scripture. And that is that God, the True God of the Hebrews, The God of Abraham, The Creator of Heaven and Earth, He never changes.

What was clean and unclean before the flood, is still clean and unclean today.

I still highly recommend that you visit the Ark Encounter. They really did an amazing job with its construction with so much Biblical truth for young people to learn from.


Ark Encounter Pictures
A reader sent in her photo of the Genesis 7:2 verse being addressed at the Museum. She obviously has better eyes than me. And while the Answers in Genesis team does address the verse, they ignore the controversy surrounding the obvious question when you get to Genesis 9:3. If there were only 2 of the unclean animals, what did Noah and his family eat?

If Noah ate only clean animals and God told Moses to only eat clean animals and the Messiah upon His return destroys those who eat unclean animals in the last chapter of Isaiah (66), then why in the world does Christianity think it’s okay to eat unclean animals?

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  1. Daniel Johnson

    March 25, 2021 at 1:33 am

    This is TruthGroup from Youtube trying to send you a picture of the other sign that mentions the topic. But it doesn’t look like I can on this thread. 🙁

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