The Virgin Birth Debate

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There are a lot of people out there these days who claim that Isaiah 7:14 is not talking about the Messiah and the miraculous birth of Yeshua. The entire context of these early chapters of Isaiah is about the eventual judgment of both houses of Israel. They are both under attack. The hope and promise that our Creator is giving to Ahaz is that ONE DAY, (chapters 4 and 11), YOU WILL BE REGATHERED from your dispersion and be brought HOME. Ahaz is given the sign to look for in the one who will do the regathering. Not specifically Ahaz himeself, but the following generations who will come much later. A woman conceiving is not much of a sign. The word sign is meant to be a miracle. Conception between two people is not a miracle in itself. However, conception in a woman who has not been known by a man IS indeed a Miracle.

Why on earth would Ahaz be asked to choose a sign (miracle), whether from the depths below or the heights above and then after his refusal, God choosing a sign of something as simple as normal conception between two people. It makes no sense!

The Prophets Must Have Failed – The Messiah Deception?

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The Christian claims He is the Messiah, The Jew says He is not. Both have their reasons based on achieved or failed credentials. But has anyone considered that if Yeshua is NOT the Messiah, shouldn’t there have been a prophet to warn about such a great world wide deception that would perpetuate for thousands of years?

Answering The “Fulfillment Texts” Of The Book Of Matthew

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Is that all you got? You are turning your back on years of faith because a few weak arguments dreamed up by anti-missionaries. The real answer is your faith was lacking from the beginning. We answer with specifics some of the ridiculous arguments of the anti–messiah crowd within the Jewish community. See what happens when people are given over to their reprobate mind and decide to chase after their latest revelation.

No Man Can Die For Your Sins – Deut 24/Ez 18

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RIDICULOUS! This is why reading comprehension is so important. Today, you have anti-missionaries that will tell you that no man can die for your sins and quote Deuteronomy and Ezekiel. What do these verses actually say in CONTEXT?

Human Sacrifice and Messiah

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1. Is Passover A Sin Sacrifice What did Yeshua’s death atone for? CLAIM 1. I can’t find any biblical evidence of what Yeshua’s death atoned for. CLAIM 2. Human sacrifice/atonement is not allowed in the Torah. ANSWER 1. Judgment for sins. ANSWER 2. Yes it is. Mark 4:4 – “And it came to pass, as he sowed, some fell by the way side, and the fowls of the air came and devoured it up.” The above verse in Mark is […]

The Human Sacrifice That Nobody Wants To Talk About

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The anti-missionaries will often claim that Yeshua is not valid as Messiah because God would NEVER allow a human sacrifice. So today I’m going to provide 3 examples of UN-REBUKED human sacrifice in your Bible.

Isaiah 53 Debate – Anti Semite??

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1. Don’t believe any garbage about Jews “expunging” Isaiah 53 as being an anti-semitic tactic used by Christians. This truth is not being exposed by Christian missionaries, but rather by JEWS! It has nothing to do with Christian missionaries. 2. Don’t believe the garbage that says Isaiah 53 is misinterpreted and is actually referring to a nation or the people of Israel. No, Rabbi’s all throughout history have largely held the view that Isaiah 53 is about a MAN (just […]

Baptism In The Old Testament

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When people claim that Baptism is not found in the Old Testament, I laugh. Baptism simply means to wash. And that is found all throughout the Torah. From start to finish, cleanliness in the Bible is important to our Father.

Tovia Singer – Agricultural Ignorance

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A simple call about what a Kosher animal eats turns into a bashing session of Paul and the New Testament. Paul in 1 Cor. 9 was not incorrect in his interpretation of Deut. 24:5.

The Birth In Luke

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So the argument is that the birth story is not in the oldest manuscripts of the book of Luke. Is that a true statement? Or are these people who would deny our King His throne, grasping at straws? Here we go.

Bottom Line with Yeshua Apologetics

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People will bring you all sorts of technical reasons why Yeshua can’t be the Messiah. And people are falling away all over today buying into these “technical messiah fouls”. THERE IS A BOTTOM LINE you must remember. Luke 16:31

Statistical Probability of Messiah

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There is no SAVIOR but HIM….well guess what name He had when He came to REDEEM you? Take a wild guess? I feel sorry for you folks out there who are running off the rails this close to the end of the game.