Torah Apologetics

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The word Apologetics comes from the Greek word, Apologia which means “to defend” or “defense”. It has been long said that “The best defense is a good offense.” So I often take the offensive when it comes to apologetics and this is often seen in my videos to the dismay of some.

The Torah is simply the first 5 books of the Bible as believers know it today. It’s argued that these first five books give all of the instructions on how we are to live today as believers in God’s Word. God doesn’t change. Nor does His Word. So why do so many believers live so vastly different lives than the people all throughout this book? We see people in the New Testament still eating clean foods, they were still keeping the 7th day shabbat and they were most definitely keeping the feast days.

Join us in this series as we explore Torah Apologetics and the Hebrew Roots Movement.

What Is True Belief? – James Walker

Duration: 11:32 491

A viewer sent in a video clip with an email that discusses John 6:40. What is true belief? Is belief and faith all that is needed to enter the Kingdom?

The Torah And Ingenuity

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Let’s calm down before we get upset at how someone is keeping the commandments to the best of their ability. There can be many ways to righteously keep the commandments of the Father. That’s why the Torah is not bondage.

Torah On Point – Part 1

Duration: 07:50 457

When you think about a tutor, you think about someone who teaches you knowledge. Once you learn the knowledge, you know longer need the tutor. FAITH allows you to APPLY THAT KNOWLEDGE These videos will be my response to the many questions that are being asked.

Torah On Point – Part 2 – The Transgression

Duration: 07:48 190

Galatians 3:19 is not referring to the transgression of Israel. In fact, Israel is not mentioned in the entire chapter at all. The transgression being mentioned here goes all the way back to the garden.

Torah On Point – Part 3 – Grace Through Faith

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Living by faith means living by obedience. The Grace comes in because none of us are perfect. But that doesn’t mean we don’t strive for perfection. But by what scorecard is perfection measured?

Algorithms and Torah

Duration: 12:10 239

Most of the time, you’ll be amazed in life by the benefits of following the rules. You’ll especially be amazed by the blessings when following the rules that God gives his children.

A Tale Of Two Covenants – Galatians 4

Duration: 14:23 455

Galatians 4 is often times used as proof text in the argument that the law of Moses has been done away. Paul says he is using an allegory and I think most of Christianity is missing the message.

The Church Lied To Us

Duration: 13:22 751

Have you ever been asked WHY it is somehow only NOW that you’ve figured out that what the church has been doing is WRONG? There are 2 reasons for this. 1. Increased Literacy 2. Access to the Word For centuries poor education meant that most of the world could not read. And for centuries, the bible was illegal to possess and read for yourself. This is not church bashing…this is HISTORY and TRUTH! Let us now go and proclaim the […]