Wretched Radio – Hebrew Roots Disaster Series

Avatar new2torah | September 3, 2020

Wretched radio with Todd Friel has some choice thoughts about the dangers and disaster of the Hebrew Roots Movement. So lets address each of his points one at a time and compare them with scripture. Then you can make the choice yourself and decide what side of the argument wins the day.

Part 2

Part 3
Colossians 2 has forever been interpreted 180 degrees in error. Consider the landscape of the church in Colossae and its location in what is today, Southwest Turkey.

Part 4
Todd says that the Hebrew Roots Movement is honoring the Sabbath on the wrong day? Really? Are we "mangling" scripture for simply reading it for what it says and doing what is says?

Part 5
The next time you see someone voice criticism about the Hebrew Roots questioning certain church "TRADITIONS", remind them that the FORK was once held as sinful by church authorities.

Part 6
If you say that parts of the law no longer matter and that we don't have to follow them, then you are abolishing the law. That is exactly the opposite of what the Messiah said He came to DO (fulfill).

Part 7
The Acts 15 council is often brought up as proof that a decision was reached concerning the law and how it pertains to believers today. If someone is truly studying the bible, you should see that there is an uninterrupted consistency in the determination of righteousness.

Written by new2torah