Questions About The Hebrew Roots – FAQ

Avatar new2torah | September 3, 2020

Fulfill DOES NOT mean abolish. In Fulfilling the law, our Messiah gave us a perfect example to FOLLOW, not Ignore.

Did Jesus fulfill the law so that we no longer have to keep it? Christians will often say that Jesus Fulfilled the law so we no longer have to DO it.

Christian doctrine often tells us that Romans 14 is proof that any day can be the sabbath. Can any day be the sabbath? What day are God's people supposed to rest on?

Romans 14 gets the first CHERRY PICK award in this series. Enjoy the video!

Many times a pastor or someone familiar with Christian doctrine will simply say that belief is the only thing necessary to enter the Kingdom. "We just have to believe in Jesus"

Question: Is simply stating that you believe in Jesus really all that is needed to enter in to the Kingdom of God?

The Bible is FULL of conditional statements. Computer developers should understand how a conditional statement is to be used. IF this, THEN that. So, ALL CREATURES OF GOD ARE GOOD, IF...

"I change not" - GOD

Psalms 19:7 "The law(TORAH) of the LORD is perfect, converting the soul"
Perfect, Good, Truth and Light are just some of the ways the scripture describes God's law. Once we understand that the law is there to give us guidelines to life, we will begin to live that life more abundantly and see the walk our Messiah came to show as an example.

It's common today for believers to think that Christmas and Easter are biblical festivals. However, upon searching you find that these events are not mentioned at all in your bible. The Messiah and His followers upon closer inspection followed the feast as spelled out in Leviticus 23.

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