The Greater Exodus – 4 Part Series

Avatar new2torah | September 3, 2020

What is the Greater Exodus? Where does that term come from? What will it look like? How did this get started? These are the questions I try to explore using the Torah and the prophets as our guide.

Part 2
There has been much debate about the 144,000 mentioned in the book of Revelation. Once you look at scripture the way the Hebraic writers of the Old and New Testaments would have understood, the meanings of things begin to change. Let’s take a renewed look at this topic and apply what we know in Torah, and see the precedent set forth in Biblical history. And last but not least, lets see who the enemy is targeting most in these last days.

Part 3
There has been a lot of speculation on what the scriptures in the book of the Joel actually mean and who its talking about. Here are my thoughts.

Feedback and Kid Theories
I have received a lot of feedback on the 144,000 and the topic of children. Here are my thoughts.

Written by new2torah