Hebrews And Skin Color

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You don’t have to be around long in the study of the Torah and the Old Testament before you quickly discover that there are groups of people who think that only they should have the privileges of the blessings of the Torah. They claim this for a variety of reasons. One of these groups makes the claim that skin color gives them the ability to claim they are the real Hebrews.

In this series, we examine these claims. Does the Messiah at the end of days tell those who cry, “Lord, Lord” to depart because of their incorrect skin pigmentation?
across the planet over time, their appearance has changed based on where they moved. Diet and Environment is what science has found that controls the color of skin over periods of time. Ancestry is only a factor over short time periods. Some people REALLY like to make a big deal about skin color and being a Hebrew.

Is the Nation Israel illegitimate?

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There are some out there saying the nation of Israel is illegitimate because it was created by the pagan nations of US and Great Britain. This is false and a quick look at history proves otherwise. PLUS, where in the Bible did our Creator once use a pagan nation to raise up Israel before?

The Thirteenth Tribe Is Dead – Let it Die!

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A book written in 1976 AS A THEORY has become dogmatic truth for some today. The original author intended it to end racism for the Jews of Europe but some today are using it to further advance hatred and racism of the Jewish people. The problem? NONE OF THE THEORY IS CORRECT! More scientific evidence:

Deuteronomy 28 Curses- Crazy

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Let it be known that I stand with my brother Judah in the land of Israel. Anyone teaching that ALL of the Jews are impostors is simply a racist or has been fooled by a racist doctrine. Just because Israel was taken away as slaves doesn’t mean that descendants of black slaves are the real Hebrews. Lots of people have been taken away as slaves throughout history including millions of whites. Having a history of slavery in your history doesn’t […]