Witches Get Stitches – Sorcery In Church

Avatar new2torah | November 8, 2021

There is a growing amount of sorcery being seen amongst the people who call themselves “believers” in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. How does sin like this get started? Easy, the enemy tries to label it as something that is not seen as sinful. It’s labeled as fun, entertaining, spiritual, helpful and healing. We don’t see these practices in scripture.

1. Beware any treatment salesmen that promote “hidden powers of nature” or “lost wisdom”. This so called wisdom is not found or demonstrated in scripture.

2. Beware anyone using Jeremiah 15:19 for permission to dive into these areas of witchcraft. They use this verse completely out of context.

3. Witchcraft can produce signs and wonders but don’t ever allow these experiences to interpret scripture. Use scripture to interpret these experiences.

4. Beware phrases like “Quantum Mysticism” or anyone using verses like Romans 4:17 “calling into existence” being used out of context. Only God calls things into existence, not man. Phrases like “popping a quiff” or “collapsing a wave function” are just modern terms for witchcraft and sorcery. Anyone telling you that they are “Reclaiming stolen goods from the enemy” is suspect. Beware anyone using words like “channeling” or “remote”.

5. The Deut. 13 test applies big time right here. Don’t let these modern sorcerers claim they are being attacked and claim victim hood for something innocent. These practices are not found in Torah.

6. People so badly want an experience or manifested miracle. But is Yeshua Enough? If you never get healing or if you never experience some amazing burning bush moment, would Yeshua still be enough?

“Blessed are those who have not seen and yet still believe” John 20:29

Written by new2torah