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The form to the left is the best way to send a message to reach Zac at

Please keep in mind that I don’t have time to respond or even read every message. I’m a one man show and my priorities are:

My kids and inlaws
Earning a living
Making videos for both channels

This leaves very little if any time for responding to messages or comments. I cannot help you find land in the Ozarks. I’m not a realtor. I cannot solve your bible arguments with your friends. I will not get into an email debate with you about whatever argument you have.

I barely have time to breathe and I still have laundry to fold and dinner to make. On the off chance I read and see your email and you catch me at the right moment, I may respond.

ALL THAT SAID: I appreciate the prayers and words of encouragement for me and this ministry. They mean so much to me and I could never express my gratitude for the love that so many have shown me. THANK YOU! You are truly a blessing to me and my family.

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