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The Greater Exodus – 4 Part Series
The Hidden Pagan Roots Of Easter

The Virgin Birth Debate

There are a lot of people out there these days who claim that Isaiah 7:14 is not talking about the Messiah and the miraculous birth of Yeshua. The entire context of these early chapters of Isaiah is about the eventual judgment of both houses of Israel. They are both under attack. The hope and promise that our Creator is giving to Ahaz is that ONE DAY, (chapters 4 and 11), YOU WILL BE REGATHERED from your dispersion and be brought HOME. Ahaz is given the sign to look for in the one who will do the regathering. Not specifically Ahaz himeself, but the following generations [...]

Torah Apologetics

The word Apologetics comes from the Greek word, Apologia which means “to defend” or “defense”. It has been long said that “The best defense is a good offense.” So I often take the offensive when it comes to apologetics and this is often seen in my videos to the dismay of some.

The Torah is simply the first 5 books of the Bible as believers know it today. It’s argued that these first five books give all of the instructions on how we are to live today as believers in God’s Word. God doesn’t change. Nor does His Word. So why do so many believers live so vastly [...]

Hebrews And Skin Color

You don’t have to be around long in the study of the Torah and the Old Testament before you quickly discover that there are groups of people who think that only they should have the privileges of the blessings of the Torah. They claim this for a variety of reasons. One of these groups makes the claim that skin color gives them the ability to claim they are the real Hebrews.

In this series, we examine these claims. Does the Messiah at the end of days tell those who cry, “Lord, Lord” to depart because of their incorrect skin pigmentation?
across the planet over time, their appearance has changed [...]

Food And Diet In The Bible

Food and diet are probably one of the top outward signs of a change in our life once we dive deeper inside the Father’s word. It can be hard to navigate at first and there can arise a number of questions concerning various aspects. The videos contained within this series cover most of these questions about food and drink.

I’m Not Giving Up My Bacon!

This is a common phrase I hear when talking with a Christian about what the Bible says about Swine. Pigs are mentioned numerous times in scripture and every instance of their mention is used in the negative context. EVERY TIME! There’s a good clue. Let’s explore the [...]

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