The Hidden Pagan Roots Of Easter

Avatar new2torah | September 3, 2020

Have you ever wondered why the church today celebrates the resurrection of the Messiah with eggs and rabbits? Where did these traditions come from?
This video explores the ancient roots of these symbols and their connection to ancient worship of fertility gods and goddesses.

It’s with great encouragement as I see many believers in these days starting to question the holiday of Easter. Many are starting to rename the observance to “Passion week”, “resurrection day” or even “First Fruits Service”. They are doing this because a majority of the memberships of these churches are starting to ask questions about the traditions and practices concerning Easter. Some uncomfortable questions are being poised to pastors and church leaders and they are having to admit that Easter is rooted in pagan spring rituals and ceremonies that are proven to date back thousands of years.

Yes, Ishtar and Easter are the same goddess. Here is my video.

Written by new2torah