Sukkot Sign Up – 2023

Welcome to Sukkot 2023 the New2Torah Feast of Tabernacles.

Location: Near Huntsville, Arkansas

Dates: Arrival & Setup – Sept. 27th – Departure Oct. 8th
Days of Rest Beginning at Sundown on Day 1 (9/28) and Day 8 (10/5)

The New2Torah Sukkot is 100% free and by signing up for and/or attending this event you agree to hold An American Homestead, Zachary Bauer and all residents of the property free of blame for any damages or injury that may occur.

Below you will find information that you will need to know before you arrive to better plan for your stay during the feasts. Knowing and following the information provided here will help to ensure you enjoy the time spent at this event.



Who can attend? Families. This Feast of Tabernacles event is open to families only. That means a husband/wife and at least one child under age 20.  Married elderly couples(65+) are welcome to ask about availability and special circumstances may be made ahead of time.  NO PETS: Sorry but there are just too many potential problems with unfamiliar animals on the homestead.

This event is invite only. 

It’s important to plan your arrival to the homestead in the daytime. It gets very dark in the country and setup is best done in the day time when tools and supplies can be easily found. Also, the field where you will camp will be setup in a way to ensure fitting everyone who is attending and we need to place you when you arrive at your camping spot. If you arrive at 2am, nobody will be there to point you in the right direction and you will probably have to move your camp spot again in the morning.

Keep in mind that this is a working homestead in a remote part of the Ozarks and there are dangers here you need to be informed about. We have active mountain lion and bear movement in our area. We ask that you keep track of your children and that they don’t wander around the homestead or property alone without adult supervision. We would require you to keep your children in the camp and housing area. We do have a nature trail around our mountain that you can enjoy but we ask that you stay on the path and always have adults present on this path with children.

The housing area is open but we ask that you do not enter the houses or other outbuildings unless accompanied by Zac or Tim.
Quiet Hours: 10pm
Shower Hours: Even Hours-Women / Odd Hours-Men

Please do not move vehicles through the camp unless loading and unloading during arrival and departure. All vehicles will be in an easily accessible parking area a short walk away from the camp.


  • Food
  • Water Filter – Berkey or other filter for water
  • Tent
  • Camp Chairs
  • Camp Shower Bag and Funnel to fill
  • Cooking tools
  • Cold Weather Gear

Bring anything you would normally take camping. You will want cooking gear, sleeping gear, toiletries, camp shower bag, camping chair and whatever else you think you might need. October CAN BE COLD.  So bring blankets and items that will help you keep warm at night. We have 2500 gallons of rain water for your use but we highly recommend that you bring a water filter for that water if you choose to drink it. Also bring something to transport your water in. People in the past have brought a small wagon to haul their water containers. The storage tank is on the edge of camp so you won’t have to walk too far. Bottled water is available in town 30 minutes away.
Firewood can be gathered here.  There is plenty of dead wood and some dead trees that you are free to cut down IF you are capable with a chain saw.  We will have some firewood set aside for your use.  You assume all risk in gathering wood.

Ice can also be found locally in the town of Huntsville.

We highly recommend bringing a compost toilet bucket to use. They make the fitted seats that will attach to the top of a bucket. Midnight walks to the outhouse are never fun and by the end of the week, the outhouse is smelling very ripe. We have compost facilities already set up for your deposits. Just remember, USE ONLY 100% PAPER PRODUCTS. Save other non-paper products to dispose of on your trips to town and don’t add them to the compost. We will have wood chips on hand for your family to cover your waste in your bucket and for when you deposit.

Feel free to burn 100% paper products in your camp fires. DO NOT burn any foils, foil chip bags, heavy or soft plastics or anything made of metal. They will still be here long after you leave and you just made my life harder. Keep these trash items bagged up for a trip to town.

Bringing alcohol to our event is fine but we urge you know when to say when. If you drink too much and cause problems for another camper, you will be asked to leave. NO EXCEPTIONS. I’ve had to do this once before and I will do it again. I don’t see anything wrong with the consumption of alcohol or even being a little silly but if you lack the fruits of the spirit, the spirit of alcohol will reveal that to you and everyone else around you. It’s a celebratory feast but keep it real, folks. If you MUST have alcohol to party, maybe this isn’t the party for you.

Firearms are allowed but only pistols. Keep them holstered. I’m a former certified firearms instructor but I have not trained any of you and I don’t know your level of competence with a weapon and your safety knowledge. I won’t disarm any man but I ask while you are here that you simply keep them holstered. No show and tell with your neighbor. Please keep the rifles at home.

During your stay, there will be some sign up sheets for a few camp chores that your family can contribute towards. These chores ensure the camp operates smoothly while staying clean and picked up during the event.

Please try to limit discussions with others over some more controversial topics found on social media. This is not the event or the time to convince other campers of your interpretation of calendar feast dates, the shape of the earth, name pronunciation or any other number of topics that get people heated. It’s okay to talk about such things but be civil in your discourse. We all have different opinions on scripture and it’s okay to have different perspectives. One day we will figure out these interesting topics but we don’t want to allow them to ruin fellowship.

Potlucks between families are encouraged. Network with other families and get to know them over meals. Every family is responsible for making their own meals. So bring the food and drink that your family prefers.

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