Food And Diet In The Bible

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Food and diet are probably one of the top outward signs of a change in our life once we dive deeper inside the Father’s word. It can be hard to navigate at first and there can arise a number of questions concerning various aspects. The videos contained within this series cover most of these questions about food and drink.

I’m Not Giving Up My Bacon!

This is a common phrase I hear when talking with a Christian about what the Bible says about Swine. Pigs are mentioned numerous times in scripture and every instance of their mention is used in the negative context. EVERY TIME! There’s a good clue. Let’s explore the New Testament verses that many have twisted in order to feed their lust of this animal flesh that our Creator calls an abomination.

Mushrooms, Seaweed and the Bible

Duration: 10:20 360

Are Mushrooms Kosher? Is Seaweed Kosher? ANSWER: Sperm = THE SEED. It’s just that simple. Stop making the Torah complicated and making things up that our Creator NEVER says.

Was Daniel A Vegetarian? – Should Bible Believers Eat Meat?

Duration: 13:07 262

Often I get asked the question about eating meat. Because after all God is love and he would never think about hurting or eating animals and so nor should we.

The Bible and Milk Backlash

Duration: 05:59 158

Its amazing to me just how much some people will defend their position despite when being shown exactly what the text says. The use of milk is all throughout the scriptures including butter and cheese.

Is Honey Kosher – Can We Eat It?

Duration: 11:16 144

There is a lot of BUZZ around facebook about honey not being Kosher and not being a scripturally clean food. Can we eat honey? UPDATE!

Blood and Fat – Learn By Doing

Duration: 07:10 277

Most people today only familiar with meat purchased at their local grocer. So when you have never butchered an animal yourself, you can be confused at the mention of blood and fat in Scripture and actual blood and fat on the animal.

Unclean Animals In Torah

Duration: 428

The knee jerk reaction seems to be avoiding unclean animals as if they are a sin. This is not the case. Leviticus 11 is about “EATING” and otherwise staying clean around animals and livestock. We need to think agriculturally with critical reading comprehension without unneeded emotion.

Food Arguments – Figs, Locusts and The Green Herbs

Duration: 543

Figs – The Bible is clear that you can eat them. Locusts – Insects that leap with jointed legs are food. Green Herb- Gen 1:29 is referring to vegetation…not a particular color.