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Sukkot Events!


While you are not obligated to participate in scheduled events, we’d sure love to have you there! We will be scheduling and planning a variety of activities including, but not limited to:

October 1st 12pm Noon – Welcome Briefing/Q&A and Torah Reading

Weeks activities include:
Daily Torah Studies or Campfire Midrash!
Bible Trivia and Game Nights
Kids Craft Activities (Need a volunteer to coordinate this!)
Trail hiking with edible plant identification class!
Animal/Chicken Butchering Class
Gardening/Soil Class
Solar Energy Class
Nature Trail
Wine Making
Fireworks and games

October 11th – 11am – Sukkot concludes and campers departure.

Plus we have a fish pond on the property that you are welcome to visit. (Children MUST have adult supervision)

PLEASE KEEP IN MIND: We live in the wilderness. We have active lion movement in this area as well as a couple families of bears living in close proximity. Young children should not be left roaming the woods alone and MUST have adult supervision when hiking or exploring the mountain. There is a nature trail that circles the mountain on our property and you are welcome to walk it. Children need to be with adults when on the trail.