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Sukkot 2020 Registration


If you are signed up successfully, you should/will have received an email confirmation. Also, in the next few days, you will be added to our private event facebook page.
Sukkot 2020 Camp Guidelines
Sukkot Events


Join us September 30th through October 8th for the Feast of Tabernacles (Sukkot) gathering at beautiful Etham Mountain and the home of An American Homestead.  The high days at our Sukkot being: Oct. 1st and Oct. 8th.

Who should register:
1. Families! We want families! The families that will be coming this year will have all ages from newborn to older teens. I know this sounds a bit exclusive but we are really wanting families to attend. We get a lot of requests from singles of all ages and we just prefer that our Sukkot event would be a family event. There are a TON of sukkot events out there you can attend. Many of them cost money and we know that it can be hard for a family to afford some of those events. And if we give all of the camping space to singles or couples without kids, it’s another family that I have to turn away because of lack of space. I hope that makes sense.

The intent for this event is to be a gathering of like-minded Torah Observant followers of Yeshua. This is not a sponsored or corporate event/conference. Think of it as a big family camping trip with a few organized activities. Please note that you don’t have to stay for the entire time. New2Torah Sukkot 2019 is FREE.

Lev 23:39 ‘On the fifteenth day of the seventh month, when you gather in the fruit of the land, observe the festival of יהוה for seven days. On the first day is a rest, and on the eighth day a rest.

We are located just 30 minutes south of Huntsville, AR. We are really looking forward to your visit with us and hope you will enjoy it as much as we do. Please be sure to read over the other links at the top concerning the guidelines and requirements for Sukkot 2020. We want this to be a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone!

PLEASE READ THE CAMP GUIDELINES BEFORE FILLING OUT THE FORM BELOW. Fill the form out below and we will be in contact with you on the specific directions to get to our location. Hurry, SPACE IS LIMITED!

Every year people ask me about bringing an offering to the feast. The Torah in a few places mentions offerings that are brought for the feasts for the Levites, the widows, orphans and poor and for enjoyment of the feasts itself. This year, you can choose to participate in helping to purchase a new fridge or freezers for the Open Arms Pantry in Huntsville. This pantry helps to feed hundreds of poor families in our county.

Because of tax reasons, we’d ask you to make the check out to Zachary Bauer. New2Torah is not a corporate entity nor a 501c3. Donating is not required to attend our Sukkot. Our feast is and will ALWAYS remain free to families. Participation is totally up to you. All funds will be used for a new fridge or for new freezers. All receipts will be copied and turned over to Open Arms Pantry. Send an email to STAFF(AT)NEW2TORAH(DOT)COM