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Sukkot 2020 Camp Guidelines


General Guidelines

The most important thing to remember while at Sukkot 2020 is: Have Fun! We are coming together to fellowship with like-minded Believers and Torah observant families. It’s the final Feast of YHVH and it’s supposed be the most joyous event of the year!

Respect. People coming to Sukkot may differ on how they calculate the feast times.  Many people have biblical reasons for how they interpret the commandments. Everyone is a student and trying our best to honor the commandments of our Father. Remember what our parents taught us about respect? “You have to give it, to receive it.” And, don’t forget, “Treat others as you want to be treated!”  We understand that we have differences. Let us demonstrate how Believers should resolve those differences and get along as a community should. Respect also includes other people’s/camper’s areas and belongings (fishing poles, bikes, tools, etc).

Campsites and Housing Area. Another lesson our parents taught us. “Keep your room clean!” Remember, you’ll be staying at my home. You are responsible for keeping your area(s) clean and free from trash and food sitting around.

Public/Group Areas. We will be meeting for Shabbat and other group activities. Please ensure that you keep all your personal effects with you and do not leave them unattended. Keeping these areas clean is just as, if not more, important as your campsites.

Children & Pets. Small children, young adults, should be supervised at all times. There are no pets allowed at all on Etham Mountain/An American Homestead. We have livestock that will not get along with your little dog or cat no matter how cute they are. Please find a sitter for your pets while you are here. Children should be supervised when fishing, hiking, etc.
Safety. It’s the first thing you should be considering at all times! When you’re out on a trail, hiking, riding bikes, etc., exercise a level of responsibility for yourself and those with you. Always travel with a “buddy” and keep a flashlight/headlamp with you at night. We want everyone to make it home in one piece!

Event Attire (Dress Code)

First, consider you will be in the company of fellow Torah Observant Believers. Modest, seasonably appropriate clothing should be used. All of the activities will be coed; dress accordingly. We won’t go further into details on this as we trust everyone will ask themselves, “would Yeshua approve?”. Please limit coed, young adult activities or have supervision available.


The consumption of alcohol is fine. After all, this is a feast and the Torah even addresses this issue. (Deut. 14:26 – 16:13) We ask you drink responsibly. Have a good time and keep it safe. All local laws will apply for age.


We allow firearms to be worn on Etham Mountain/An American Homestead. We ask that you leave your rifles at home. We don’t have a shooting range built on the homestead yet. There won’t be a range day. Personal defense weapons are fine. Keep your pistols holstered and/or concealed please if you’re going to carry.

RV and Trailers

RVs and Trailers are not allowed for Sukkot on this mountain. We’re not kidding. It’s a mountain. It won’t get to the top of the mountain. Once you are on our property, you will encounter a hefty steep hill your vehicle needs to climb to get to the camping area plateau. Cars and trucks usually don’t have an issue getting up the mountain road. My 2WD KIA that only has 3 running cylinders can make it, your car/SUV or truck will too. However, RVs and pull behind campers will probably keep you at the bottom of the mountain and that will not be cool. Others have tried before and failed…sometimes miserably. So bring a tent. We don’t want to have to call a wrecker to get you unstuck. Trust me, you will survive without your plush fifth wheel for one week. 🙂

Water and Bathing

You will need to bring something to haul water in. We have a well where water is plentiful. Think of Abraham visiting the wells to water his flock. That will be you. This is good training for a future exodus. Also you need to bring a shower bag like this one. It’s also good to bring a funnel to fill it with the hot water. You do have a way to heat hot water right? We will have a shower area with a privacy shelter for you to use. We have a very nice outhouse here for you to use during your stay. We also strongly recommend a way to filter your water if you are used to city water. Most people bring a Berkey water filter or some other filter when they visit. Please bring a water filter.

Waste Management

We have a pretty nice outhouse for guests to use. However after a few days of use, it does start to smell a bit ripe and there can be waiting lines. We would highly recommend also bringing a toilet bucket to use if you want. If you have the ability to privately set one up in your camp, you might enjoy not having to use the outhouse for your entire visit. Jaimie keeps one in our tent and says she would never go camping without it. We have receptacles set up for dumping humanure already on site and plenty of sawdust for you to use. Sawdust/woodchips do wonders at eliminating the smell. This is entirely optional. More information here: http://anamericanhomestead.com/how-humanure-changed-my-life/

Meal Planning

Everything plus the kitchen sink. You will be cooking your own meals. Bring enough food for your family. Many nights we will be getting together for a potluck type meal but you are not required to participate. But if you do participate, PLEASE BRING ENOUGH FOR YOUR FAMILY. You are responsible for your family’s meals and cooking them. There will be a couple of main cooking areas in the camp or you can bring your own camping stove and use that. Or you can build your own family’s campfire as long as you do it safely and surround it with rocks. We have plenty of rocks. Some firewood will be provided but you can always find more in the forest surrounding the camping area if we run out. You are allowed to burn any deadwood that you find. There is lots of it. Axes and Chainsaws are allowed. Please use them safely.

Also, we will be making brick oven pizzas one evening early in the week. Each family is encouraged to bring their favorite (kosher) pizza toppings to share. Bring cheese!

Food Guidelines

We are a Torah Observant homestead. We keep the simple and straight forward food guidelines instructed in Leviticus 11. They are not hard to understand. Please be sure that if you are new2torah that you check food labels and ingredients lists so that unclean items are not used in food prep. (gelatin/marshmallows) We all make mistakes and sometimes purchase something we thought was appropriate and read the label later to find that it wasn’t. No worries.

We will not allow unclean food items in meal events and ask that you not bring them on the mountain.

We also ask that you not bring any ENERGY DRINKS on the Mountain. Click here to see what this is about.


DO NOT BRING gameboys, hand held gaming devices, yes your children will survive without them. DO NOT bring a personal generator for electricity. You may bring laptops, ipads or tablet devices if you want to use them for Torah study but you have to charge them in your vehicles. Adults will be given access to the password for the wireless network if you need it.

Feast Offerings

If you’ve been following New2Torah for any length of time, you realize that I never ask or take offerings or donations. We have a small fellowship that meets in town on Shabbat. The ministry that allows us to use their building is called the Open Arms Pantry and Pregnancy Center. They are a very active ministry that is involved in helping the poor, widows and orphans in our area. They also support and help home births and midwives. WE WOULD LOVE if you would consider an offering to that ministry when you come

It is customary in Torah to bring an offering to the feast. In scripture, as best we can tell, this yearly offering would be divided into three parts. The temple/levites, the poor, widows and orphans and a portion for yourself to spend at the feast how you wish.

If you wish to bring an offering to the feast this year, all will go towards this Pantry and Pregnancy ministry in town towards their efforts to care for those who need the help they can provide. I (Zachary) volunteer every Tuesday at their ministry and can tell you first hand that they are a true blessing to this community. Consider giving as the Father would lead you.

Camping Supplies

Bring everything you will need to go camping for a full week. Whatever you would normally bring camping, bring it. Camping chairs, rain gear, coolers, etc. The closest gas station is 20 miles away so be sure to fill up before making the final trek into our mountain from town. If you are bringing a cooler, you may have to make a couple of trips to town for more ice during the week. We have no refrigeration out here. Just think what our ancestors had to deal with in the wilderness! We’ve got it easy! Make a checklist before you leave home and check to make sure you have everything to keep you comfortable. It’s an adventure! Have fun!

Ok, you have read the guidelines for Sukkot 2020. Are you ready? Visit here for the registration page.

By agreeing to the camp guidelines, you agree to accept all responsibility for any injuries and/or accidents that may happen while on the land of An American Homestead. You also agree to hold Zac and Jaimie, Tim and Joann and An American Homestead LLC blameless for any incidents that occur during your stay.