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Walmart and the Wrapunzel Gang

Jul 5, 2018 by     No Comments    Posted under: Uncategorized

So what happens when a supposed Jewish Torah Observant business turns a blind eye to celebration of PRIDE week in a Synagogue on Shabbat? A public relations nightmare.

This has been going on a while with a company that sells head wrapping scarves with its clients, many of them being torah observant and/or Jewish. The name of the company is Wrapunzel. The picture shown in the video was posted on a Wrapunzel community page on facebook. One brave woman stood up to protest the celebration of such a sinful practice and was verbally attacked and derided for standing up for what is a clear biblical principle. The woman then screen captured the picture knowing that she would soon be banned and posted it outside of the group in order that others may see what activities Wrapunzel condones.

And now the world knows what many of us have known for years. Wrapunzel portrays itself as Jewish and God fearing torah observant women. But instead of fearing the commandments and the words of Moses, they make up their own commandments and decide for themselves what is right and wrong in this world.

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