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Undivided: Vicky Beeching Book Review

Jul 22, 2018 by     No Comments    Posted under: Uncategorized

When I saw this book and understood Vicky was going to make a case against Christians and the common church view of homosexuality, I had a very good idea of how she would make her case. She would use the very argument the Christian church has been teaching and bring it to its logical conclusion. And she would be right. However, that church has been in error in its thinking that the law has been set aside. The law is not a tool for salvation. But those who are saved will do their best to abide by it since the law shows what sin is. It’s that identification of sin that proves we need salvation in the first place.

The book that Vicky wrote is packed with heart ache and her tough experiences about the shame of being gay and a christian at the same time. She gives in and gives up the struggle by just coming out and losing her career and taking up a new notoriety.

We all struggle with the sins of the flesh. Every one of us. Some choose to dive into sin and others fall into sin. But this is the race that Paul says we are to run. Vicky collapsed on the race track not able to continue. There have been many before her and there will be many after her.

Undivided Book Review

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