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Algorithms and Torah

Jun 20, 2018 by     2 Comments    Posted under: Uncategorized

It’s amazing when you look at the Torah as a protection instead of a limitation. The Father’s original design was perfect and that includes you and me. But sin ruins everything in this world. It is an amazing destroyer.

When you follow the rules, you will be amazed at the increased blessings that will appear in your life. It’s not about a prosperity message. Life is still full of sin and sin can ruin the party in a hurry. Following the rules will even bring suffering. But it’s not the following of the rules that brings the suffering, its the sin and the love of sin that brings the suffering.

What does your cube look like in life. Are you even trying to solve it. Or have you given up?

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  • “Algorithms!!!” Thank you for your intro to this site and into the Promises and Prophetic Word of the Lord God Most Holy, He/They=The Trinity are my Best Friends and I am also a-Hebrew-&-a-Christian so I try to learn all I can of the Truth of the Lord which is the Soul of my life!!! Thank you!!! Blessings, Bliss and Peace to You and Your Family!!!

  • Algorithm

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