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Why Jesus Fled To Egypt

May 24, 2018 by     No Comments    Posted under: Uncategorized

We read early on in the New Testament that Joseph and Mary took Yeshua south into Egypt to escape dangerous orders from the Roman governor in Judea. There are certain argumentative segments of the Hebrew Roots movement that will tell you that only black skinned people are Hebrews. They constantly use this verse to “prove” that Yeshua was black as His family could easily hide among the black skinned Egyptians of that day.

Let’s not even argue the fact that Egyptians were not black back then just like they are not black today. But it’s interesting to remember that Egypt had been conquered by the Persians 350 years before our Messiah and they are not black skinned either. Then came the Greeks 50 years later and they beat back the Persians. The Greeks were also not black skinned. Then you had the Romans that came and conquered Egypt and forced out the Greeks and who still maintained the land at the time of the birth of our Messiah. So the major cities of Egypt probably had all sorts of skin color variations during that time after over 300 years of northern and western adversaries holding title to the land.

The point is that it doesn’t matter what skin color our Messiah had. Only true bigots like to make issues of salvation and God’s favor over skin color. When Israel is called out of the nations one day to inhabit the land set apart for the seed of Abraham, they will be a multitude of many colors.


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