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Responding To Answers In Genesis – Tim Chaffey

Mar 26, 2018 by     1 Comment    Posted under: Uncategorized

On March 17th, AiG writer Tim Chaffey published an article entitled “The Dangers of the Hebrew Roots Movement on the Answers website. The article made note of a video I made concerning Colossians 2:16. There was a lot to this article and it would have taken a lot of videos to address every single point. Many of Tim’s arguments are address over and over in other videos and responses on this website or youtube channel.

I assembled an outline for a 2 part video response that would address some overall misunderstandings within the published Answers in Genesis article.

Some things to remember:
Why are so many believers today being influenced by this growing Hebrew Roots Movement? Tim in his article mentions that hundreds of thousands are being effected. And I would agree with him. I see the emails coming in and know the impact. He admits there is no established leader to this movement? So why the huge movement? Could the God of Abraham be behind all this?

It’s important to remember that God does not change. If he truly is the same always like the church today teaches, then the church is in serious trouble because they look much different than the early believers and disciples in the New Testament. Many people are recognizing this difference and calling the church out on its scriptural inaccuracies.

It comes down to this, if this movement is of God, then it will CONTINUE to grow and flourish. If it is not of God, then it will wither and die. I believe what is happening is the coming prophetic fulfillment of Deuteronomy 30:1-3 and Isaiah 11:11-13. God is beginning to separate His people from the world and bringing back the knowledge of what He calls sin.

Video Part 1

Video Part 2

Enjoy the videos!

AiG Article: https://answersingenesis.org/presuppositions/dangers-hebrew-roots-movement/

Video on Colossians 2:16:

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  • Hi Zach, My husband and I have long-time connections with AiG and were taken aback recently with this article. My husband immediately emailed one of our contact there and got the attention of the co-founder, Mark Looy. He invited us to write a refutation to his email (not the article, per se, although much of the article is addressed in our response), which we have done. I suggested to my husband that you might be interested in reading it. However, I don’t see any way to email you and we are not on FaceBeast. If you are interested in reading Mark’s email and our response, please drop me a mail and I’ll forward it to you. We love your teachings and share them often with our fam and friends. Keep up the good work, you’ve taught us a ton! Jamie and Laura Sielatycki, Highland, Utah

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