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Building a Torah Community

Jul 15, 2015 by     3 Comments    Posted under: Uncategorized

More and more this topic is coming up and I have even been asked to speak publicly about it. There have been numerous questions asked about my past experience with community and lot of people posting on facebook that community sounds like a great idea. So let’s examine this topic.

Part 2
I got a lot of questions about community after the first video, mostly about the Kibbutz in Israel. These types of all-in communities have undergone major changes since the 70’s and 80 and have a lot to offer in terms of self autonomy and personal freedom that they didn’t originally have. But why did they change? Because people were leaving them…simple as that.

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  • Thank you for your teachings. I have been on the Torah road for about 3 years. With teachers like brad Scott, scot dryer, Jim staley, Eddie chimney. It started with mark blitz feasts DVDs in a men’s bible study. I really liked your lesson on psalms 103.

    Thank you Zack

    Your brother

  • I’ve been watching many of your posts for a few weeks, thank you!!! I began researching Christianity in 1982, I was brought up Roman Catholic and knew that was not biblical, so after years away from that, I wanted to be closer to God…. WOW, the world hates those of us that read the Bible and try to live as God instructs us. I longer feel as alone as I once did … again thank you!!!

  • You were smart to not have a share and share alike community. It could really go sideways. But, it would be nice to live near like minded people.
    Are you open for dialogue ? I have no argument or contention, but some of my understandings are different from yours. If you are willing, I could present my view point, and if you could clarify or prove me wrong, that would be great.

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