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The Greater Exodus ~ 3 Parts

Jun 19, 2015 by     12 Comments    Posted under: Uncategorized

What is the Greater Exodus? Where does that term come from? What will it look like? How did this get started? These are the questions I try to explore using the Torah and the prophets as our guide.

Part 2

There has been much debate about the 144,000 mentioned in the book of Revelation. Once you look at scripture the way the Hebraic writers of the Old and New Testaments would have understood, the meanings of things begin to change. Let’s take a renewed look at this topic and apply what we know in Torah, and see the precedent set forth in Biblical history. And last but not least, lets see who the enemy is targeting most in these last days.

Part 3 – The Joel 2 Army

There has been a lot of speculation on what the scriptures in the book of the Joel actually mean and who its talking about. Here are my thoughts.

Answering Feedback

A number of people have brought a couple of theories to me on the 144,000 and kids. Here are the theories and my thoughts.

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  • Thanks for this teaching! What a blessing it is, as well as your whole website. Blessings and shalom to you from the Hebrew Roots Homestead in Montana.

  • This teaching gave some great insights into the scriptures. Thank you. Much of it also made me wonder if the children, or at least some of them, might not be the most marginalized of all children – those with autism or other disabilities like Down Syndrome. I have 3 such children and know many other families with such
    children. Truly, these kids are totally without guile. They are unable to be anything else. They do not have any walls or hindrances in their heart to heart connection with the Creator. They may not even understand it, being completely vulnerable to Him in a beautiful way. In so many ways they are almost incorruptible. Wouldn’t that be just like our Creator to use them to lead us? The very things (cognitive vulnerabilities) that satan has plagued them with as a result of his earthly ravages may be the very things that their Creator will redeem and use to lead us. Satan has tried to wipe them out before birth in modern times with all of the pre-natal testing and resulting abortions. We would never even see that one coming. Unless we viewed these precious souls as their Creator views them. And surely many in today’s church leadership would never want to be lead by them. Most would think it to be preposterous.

  • I also believe that the 144,000 are children and have taught this for a while now, but your teaching has opened new doors. How great that would be for a children to be a vessel of YHVH’s outstretched arm during the wrath. Here is something to think about, we now revelations is speaking of a wedding. In a Hebraic wedding the groom picks young groomsmen from among his relatives, and the groomsmen follow the groom where ever he goes. Could these be the groomsmen of the wedding of the Lamb? Thank you for your teachngs. Blessings

  • Thank you so much for putting these videos. I had to hold back tears during part 1 of the Greater Exodus, because the Father has given me a passion to see His people- Ephraim- restored. A major part of that restoration is going to be the second exodus, and this is probably the finest teaching on that subject I have ever seen.

    Regarding part 2, I have to share this with you. About ten years ago, I believe the Father spoke to me that the 144,000 will be the upcoming generation- as in, not my generation (though I was in my early 20s at the time) but the generation of my children and her friends. After seeing your video, I believe it now more than ever.

  • Wow! Great teaching and you confirmed my belief that the 144,000 are male children! Now when is the Battles coming? Haha know your busy but come on it’s been 3 months and I am impatiently waiting!
    Zachary thank you for what you do. Sometimes feels like we are alone in this world and everyone looks at you like your talking insane when you talk about the Feast Days or no thank you I don’t eat pork. After many prayers and celebrating the feasts, my children have over the last 3-4 years began celebrating with me, they now look forward to them. Thank you YHVH for answered prayers

  • Very interesting perspective on who the 144,000 are. You might just be right. I am very open that this could be true. Is there a still 3rd video coming on the “battles coming”. I haven’t seen any of your replies in response to the last posted comment, in regards to an update, about the 3rd video coming out.

    So, I was wondering if you could please provide an update about the 3rd video coming out, when you have time. Thank you.

    Many Blessings

  • I love the way this sounds. I would prefer to follow a child who listens and hears Yahweh over a prideful adult who believes they already know. Too many adults feel they should be the leader and refuse to hear otherwise.
    If we were all being led by men, we could all be forced to wander for eternity before they would stop to ask for directions!
    My only concern would be the safety of the child from people within the camp. Some could become resentful having to follow a child. We would need to make sure to protect and take care of them. They would still be children.

  • Hi Zach,

    Greetings Brother. I was at the United in Torah conference this year. It was great. I was hoping to catch the Greater Exodus pt 3. Did you happen to present it? If so, will you be uploading it soon?

    Many sweet blessings to you and your family!
    In Yeshua,
    Kimberly Carley

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! May our Heavenly Father YAHUWAH and his son, our king, YAHUSHUA continue to shed more spiritual light on your ministry. Yes, the 144,000 will be male children. Father used children in the past to take the lead. I have no doubts Father will do it again in the near future. What better way to humble proud adults than to make them follow a mere child. But, wouldn’t it be even more amazing if he chose black male children to take the lead. Much more humbling, don’t you think? The Holy Spirit has led me to the knowledge of who the true Hebrews really were. I am not black, but I am happy to say that my dark skinned Messiah with wool hair has a wonderful sense of humor! Isaiah 10:23 says Elohim will make a full end as decreed in all the earth. Isaiah 10:26 says His staff will be over the sea, and He will lift it AS He did in Egypt. Isaiah 11:6 says wolf, lamb, leopard, the kid, calf, and lion will all lie together, AND A LITTLE CHILD SHALL LEAD THEM ALL. We know this refers to animalistic behaviors in adults. We know all of Isaiah 10-13 speaks about a future time. Isaiah 11:15,16 is very plain for a future fulfillment. Please keep producing more videos like this one. Don’t be afraid. Let the chips fall where they may. May the Father always be with you. I am new to Torah and I am glad I discovered your site.

  • Looking forward to Greater Exodus – part 3.



  • We are hoping that the Ruach will return as all this comes together and heals the many that are sick among us. I hope we don’t have to wait till we get to the Mount of Olives for that.

  • This is excellent. Is there a book or something that goes into more detail?

    What bible should I use? Do they make one that you put tabs on to mark Torah verses in the new Testament?

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