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Tzitzit For Women?

Aug 18, 2011 by     21 Comments    Posted under: Uncategorized

It was just a few weeks ago that my wife made her first set of tzitzit. They turned out great and she incorporated some beads and a couple different colors along with the blue thread running throughout. I started wearing mine a few months ago and I simply ordered them online.

So there are a few people I have encountered who follow the commandments who still don’t think tzitzit has a purpose in these modern times. The basic argument they tell me is that because of the holy spirit, we now have the law written on our hearts to remind us about the commandments and don’t need to wear tzitzit. Sorry if I offend, but this is a poor arguement. First of all, circumcision of the heart is NOT a NT concept.

“Circumcise your hearts, therefore, and do not be stiff-necked any longer.”

-Deuteronomy 10:16

Tzitzit stands as an outward reminder to keep the commandments and it also stands as a sign to the world that we are set apart from their lust and adulterous ways. We know from accounts written in the Gospels that Yeshua also wore Tzitzit. So when 1 John 2:6 says,

“He that saith he abideth in him ought himself also so to walk, even as he walked.”

then should we also not wear them as he did?

Personally, I’m not dressed unless I’m wearing mine. I tuck them in while at the office as I don’t want to offend anyone but people for the most part can still see them and have asked me about them.

Anyway, enjoy the video and visit Christie’s website

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  • Hi there, my husband and I are just now starting to wearing Tzitzit’s as well. We have been digging in to the Torah and learning alot. It also says, “for all generations” to wear them, to me that means even today! 😉 My husband will also be getting his online but I will be making mine, with colors and some beads. I just wanted to say don’t be ashamed of them at work, feeling like you will offend someone. Mark 8:38 “If anyone is ashamed of me and my words in this adulterous and sinful generation, the Son of Man will be ashamed of him when he comes in his Father’s glory with the holy angels.” Yeshua bless you. Elishiva

  • Thank you, Brother Zac.
    I appreciate what you are doing – Iron sharpens iron.
    Yah Bless!

  • Really love this posting. I have just started making mine, and selling some too, and I just love how it feels to be helping others and myself keep our walk as pure as possible while we walk out our human lives…Its a pleasure and priviledge to wear tzitzits. Praise YHVH for including us in the Children of Israel. May more of our brothers and sisters, accept that we are, and follow HIS ways of Torah.

  • I forgot about this teaching – thanks – AGAIN

  • I have been convicted for a long time about tzitzits. A few of my friends have started wearing them but I am dragging my feet because my husband has not been convicted as I have. However, I know I am responsible for my walk and I make no excuse! Thanks for this article 🙂 I might just try to make my own! On a side note a friend has sewn button holes to her shirts in order to tie them, I thought this was a great idea!

  • A wedding band is a symbol to remind us, if tempted, that we made an everlasting covenant. Tzitzit is a reminder that we made an everlasting covenant…..hmmm……
    YHWH KNEW we were forgetful and impulsive….He made us! If He said we need them, um, I am pretty sure we need them, lol.

  • Thank you brother Zac, my husband and I appreciate you and all the work you do! Great topic! The Ruach HaKodesh prompted me to wear Tallit Katan with tzitzit about 12 years ago, when a hasidic rabbi mentioned that his wife wore it, and he felt it pleased HaShem for women who desired it, to do so. For me, it changed everything…not the garment itself, but the awareness I felt while wearing it. I noticed an increase in the anointing when I performed on secular stages and people would be visibly moved and touched by God in a profound way…once had half the audience at a Dr Phil show in tears (but in a good way lol). It also seemed like I went to another level in worship and prophetic song. God is good! Thanks again Zac, Yeshua’s bliss and blessings on you and your family. -Annette


  • stop tucking them in …to me no different than not wanting to wear them ..in love 🙂

  • ok so why do people need to be “convicted”…..it says do not kill can I kill people as long as I have not been convicted???? seriously people JUST DO IT 🙂 I just did it even thought I didnt understand completely and in my obedience to just do …He enlightened me along the way ….JUST DO IT !!!!!!

  • Sorry…..You are NOT Israel….. Num 15 commands the sons of Israel to wear tzitziot, NOT Gentiles, and NOT for women!!! Always read scripture in it’s CONTEXT, if not you’ll be confused. Seems like you are being led astray by certain unbiblical Hebrew roots groups such as 119 ministries, Rico Cortes, Brad Scott etc etc

    • WRONG! The hebrew word is “ben” which is used on the form of “children” over 1500 times in the Old Testament. Yes it can also mean “son”. However, “ben” is also used in Leviticus 11 when describing the dietary laws. Are you suggesting that men are not allowed to eat pig but the women are?? The commandment in both cases is for ALL the children of Israel. Paul makes it clear in Romans 11 that anyone who is a believer in Messiah (Torah made flesh), they are GRAFTED in to the Olive tree that IS ISRAEL.

      Messianics like you cling to what I like to call “Only Me” Theology. We should do a debate sometime. Do you have Skype?

    • I’m not jewish and stumbled acreoss this website by accident. I like you’re attention to detail and tradition..but it seems a wee bit chauvistic for a man to dictate to a woman what she should wear, How would you like if she told you what to wear?

      • I’m not telling a woman what to wear. The Father and Creator of Heaven and Earth is.

  • I went to the website to look for tzitzit and the website isn’t working. Please let me know how I can look at the products she has for sale. I am very interested!

  • Sorry ladies. According Num 15 only men have to wear tzitzits. They are the priests of the home. I would like to wear it but then I will not be submissive.

    • You are completely wrong. No where in Torah does it say that tzitzit are only for men. In FACT, the commandment to wear tzitzit is worded in Hebrew the EXACT same way as the food laws and eating pork. So by your view, its only men who should not eat pork but women can feel free to eat bacon. Re-evaluate!

      • In the Torah it doesn’t say for men only but Hashem said lock to the Rabbi if you need to understand what the message in the Torah says so we have the Talmud to answer these things for us. Your kind of group does not follow the oral Torah so you would not know these things but it answers all the laws. True Torah students know this.

        • Um, no. The Talmud violates Deut. 4:2. And no where in the Torah does Hashem say to look to the Rabbi. You made that up, thus AGAIN violating Deut 4:2.

          The commandment to wear tzitzit is worded in the Torah the EXACT same way as the food laws in Lev. 11. SO if what you’re saying is true, women can eat pork but men cannot. Go home and read your TORAH!

  • My wife and I just learned about tzitzits last week. We want to stay true to the text but I keep finding where people are tying knots and even combining woolen and linen together. Can you show me an example of a tzitzit that lines up perfectly with the Scriptures? Thank you for your ministry. I watch your videos every now and then.

  • The earliest Rabbis all declared that the mitzvah of the tzitzit was binding on men, women, children, slaves, converts, etc. Do a google search. It was only later that, on the understanding that women were exempt from time bound mitzvahs, it was then indicated that women were “exempt” from wearing tzitzit, but they were never prohibited from doing so. The only relevant prohibitive factor is that women should not dress in men’s clothes, and since tallit and tzitzit on the tallit katan are designed for men, that would be an issue.

  • Have you had a positive experience somewhere online purchasing them, or do you make them yourselves?

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